Our Staff

Introducing the people who make APC the finest dental consulting firm in North America

Our consultants are uniquely qualified, carefully selected and rigorously trained

Unlike many dental consulting firms, our minimum requirements for analysts and consultants are a bachelor’s degree, multiple years of dental office experience and a demonstrated commitment to patient health. APC analysts and consultants have mastered a rigorous training program, and as their knowledge and experience increase, they are gradually trained in additional specialties and more complex situations.

Our staff consists of employees, not independent contractors. This ensures that no matter where you are located in the United States or Canada, you will receive the highest quality APC experience.

Michael and Stephanie
Michael and Stephanie

Michael and Stephanie Peterson


Michael and Stephanie are from Minnesota and have 3 children ranging from 4 years to 14 years. They love spending their free time outdoors and attending their children’s many activities.  They strive to preserve the integrity, quality and ideals on which APC was founded.  They love helping others improve their quality of health and seeing the doctor’s passion for dentistry come alive and the care they provide for their patients.   Michael and Stephanie, together, bring to APC 40 years of expertise in the health care, consulting and management fields.  They continue to provide ongoing training for their staff, conferring with the founders, Bob and Marci to continue with the expertise and quality of service that APC represents.

Michael Peterson


Michael has his Bachelor’s degree from Marquette University and his Master’s degree from Iowa State University in Engineering.  He has over 20 years of experience in consulting, marketing and management.  Prior to APC, Michael worked with Black & Veatch as an Engineer and the Zachry Group as Engineering Manager and Business Development Manager.  Becoming co-owner and the new President of APC fulfills his lifelong vision of following in his father’s footsteps by managing his own business.  Opportunities to enhance the quality of the doctors’ practices with insight and expertise in management, along with improving patients’ health, couple perfectly with Stephanie’s expertise.

Stephanie Peterson


Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Kansas Medical Center.  She has practiced in the healthcare field for over 20 years and has been a Nursing Supervisor and Manager at hospitals and clinics across the Twin Cities.  She is passionate about health care and the opportunity with APC being able to help doctors provide the best dental health choices and excellent care for their patients.  Becoming co-owner and the new Vice-President of APC, along with her insight and expertise in healthcare, provides her a new avenue to promote and enhance the quality of patients’ health.

Bob and Marci
Bob and Marci

Bob and Marci Proebstle


Bob and Marci continue to be intimately involved in the business. Speaking with a doctor about a Practice Analysis, providing ongoing training for the APC staff, working with clients on building designs, associate and transition issues, advising with APC analysts during a Practice Analysis, and assisting with client issues with APC consultants and/or clients when necessary are part of the ways that they continue to support APC.

Bob Proebstle

Bob holds a Bachelor’s degree in business, with a major in finance from the University of Minnesota.  Bob worked for the world’s first and largest dental consulting firm for seven years prior to co-founding APC. While president of APC, he also served as the Executive Director of the National Society of Practice Management Consultants for eight years.

Marci Proebstle

Marci graduated from Thomas More College with a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics.  She worked as a programmer/systems analyst in the actuarial department of a large insurance company.  Before co-founding APC, Marci began her dental consulting career with the world’s first and largest international dental consulting firm, traveling forty eight weeks each year consulting dentists throughout the US and Canada.


Our Staff

Sue L. <h4>Practice Analyst & Client Services Director</h4>
Sue L.

Practice Analyst & Client Services Director

Sue has a Bachelor’s degree in education and more than 35 years as a practice analyst.  She travels to dental practices throughout the US and Canada, at the dentist’s request, to analyze their practice, identify areas of opportunity and develop a plan of action to assist them in accomplishing their professional and personal goals.

Mary Anne S.<h4>Clinical and Business Consultant</h4>
Mary Anne S.

Clinical and Business Consultant

Mary Anne is a dental hygienist, holds a Master’s degree and is a former professor at Baylor University.  She is also a past president of the Texas Dental Hygiene Association.  Mary Anne resides in Texas and travels North America delivering both clinical and business consultations to APC clients.

Mary S.<h4>Business Consultant</h4>
Mary S.

Business Consultant

Mary has a Bachelor’s degree in education.  Before joining APC, Mary had many years experience working for a large, multi location dental group practice.   Her roles included supervising their IT department, and later managing multiple locations as a regional manager.  Mary delivers business consultations to APC clients throughout North America.

Tim E.<h4>Practice Analyst</h4>
Tim E.

Practice Analyst

Tim has a Bachelor’s degree in communication from Marquette University and more than 10 years in the field of implant dentistry before joining APC.  Tim travels to dental practices throughout the US and Canada, at the dentist’s request, to analyze their practice, identify areas of opportunity and develop a plan of action to assist them in accomplishing their professional and personal goals.

Michele W.<h4>Administrative Assistant</h4>
Michele W.

Administrative Assistant

Michele is probably the first person you will talk with when you call APC.  She is responsible for coordinating communications with our clients, prospective clients, and our staff.  Michele has a wide variety of duties, including the preparation of materials and information used during client consultations.

Susan T.<h4>Administrative Assistant</h4>
Susan T.

Administrative Assistant

Susan makes sure we are all where we are supposed to be—at least in the right city.  She takes care of all the travel arrangements for all of our APC staff, finalizes client schedules, administers contracts, does our bookkeeping as well as a variety of other tasks.

Karen A.<h4>Business Consultant</h4>
Karen A.

Business Consultant

Karen has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration.  Karen has extensive experience working throughout the US and Canada as a dental consultant and has also worked in a private dental practice as office administrator.  Karen delivers business consulting to APC clients throughout North America.

Peggy M. <h4>Administrative Assistant</h4>
Peggy M.

Administrative Assistant

Peggy creates digital surveys for clients, tabulates results, prepares reports and assists in the preparation of client policy manuals.

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