Consulting for your group dental practice

An individualized approach to realizing the potential of your practice

An in-depth analysis of your business, presented in a comprehensive report; free.

Addressing the Challenges Specific to Group Dental Practices

It is a common belief that group practice will yield lower overhead and therefore increased profit. Another common belief is that shared management responsibilities will result in less stress. Reality most often proves otherwise. The dynamics of group practice give way to ever increasing costs, reduced individual productivity and profitability, loss of management agility, painful decision making, and ineffective communication processes. In addition, the sheer size and complexity of a group practice can amplify system and staff problems, causing them to feel insurmountable. But you can change your reality, when you know how.

You need a guide, an APC guide, who has seen it all and is as optimistic today about the future of the profession as the day we started.   APC – experienced in the science and art of innovation. Because when challenges meet innovation, opportunities happen.

Patient Health

Achieving patient health is the most important goal of your practice. We train you and your staff to use motivationally based communications in your patient treatment discussions to increase patient acceptance of your recommendations and relegate insurance to its proper place in the conversation.

Organization and Leadership

Implementing an effective organization chart and leadership team enables owner doctors to manage the practice in less time with less stress. Our expert guidance in equitable patient distribution and compensation models can improve owner harmony.


Matching office tasks to individual staff talents is the key to maximizing efficiency, enhancing patient satisfaction, and empowering staff while reducing office drama and keeping overhead percentages in a healthy range.


Our sophisticated, innovative systems and follow-up protocols ensure that all providers have full schedules with minimal stress, even limiting the number of hygiene exams per doctor per hour without sacrificing production.


Our systems are based on achievable and measurable outcomes tied to your goals and profit. These systems allow you to reward and empower top performers, and develop employees who are not reaching their potential. And do this while maintaining staff overhead percentages within healthy targets.


No more filling in the blanks! Designed to cover any situation, a custom policy manual, written especially for your practice, serves as a welcome silent director, making staff management much easier, less time consuming and less stressful.

Developing a personalized consultation plan

APC has consulted with dental group practices with as few as 2 dentists and as many as 85.

Our extensive experience, the culmination of years of observing, advising and collaborating with group dental practices in the U.S. and Canada, provides us with a broad and deep perspective for understanding your challenges, analyzing your needs, and identifying your opportunities.

We begin with a visit to your office to conduct an in-depth, no obligation Practice Analysis. We observe quietly, talk to you and your staff, and look at every aspect of your practice—systems, processes, relationships. We prepare a report of our findings and a personalized treatment plan for your success. We discuss the things you do well, pinpoint problem areas and reveal areas of potential. The Practice Analysis is free; you pay only our travel expenses.

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