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Addressing the Challenges Specific to Specialists

The rise of corporate dentistry, the increasing number of discounted insurance plans in general dentists’ offices adversely affecting referrals, itinerant specialists, more general practitioners providing specialty services, the commoditization of specialty services and the soaring costs of technology are just some of the challenges facing today’s specialist. It is easy to get caught up in the fear mongering and dire predictions. That’s when you need a guide, an APC guide, who has seen it all and is as optimistic today about the future of the profession as the day we started.   APC – experienced in the science and art of innovation. Because when challenges meet innovation, opportunities happen.

Oral Surgery

Our recommendations can significantly improve patient referrals, especially of complex cases by like-minded doctors and patient acceptance of treatment recommendations.

Our unique scheduling algorithms will optimize your surgical time while minimizing stress and improving profitability.


To optimize patient flow and productivity, we incorporate an exam and schedule model that expedites case acceptance, a system for growth and development patients that assures a timely return to the office and a mathematical model that balances consults, starts, adjustments, debandings, retainer checks and follow-up appointments.

Pediatric Dentistry

Training in areas such as proper utilization of support staff and effective scheduling protocols optimizes available doctor treatment time, resulting in dramatic increases in productivity and patient health. Our approach allows you to provide critically important pediatric care while maintaining a balance of subsidized and fee-for-service patients to preserve all practice model options in the future.


APC can help you increase new patient flow through unique marketing ideas that differentiate your advanced training and skills from general dentists offering similar services. You will gain better acceptance of complex treatment plans through a variety of motivationally based communication tools.


Our specifically designed scheduling tools and effective communications training for endodontists improve productivity and help you manage daily emergency calls from patients and referring doctors, seamlessly and smoothly.

Developing a personalized consultation plan

APC has consulted with more specialty practices than any other dental consulting firm in North America.

Our extensive experience, the culmination of years of observing, advising and collaborating with general dentists and specialists in the U.S. and Canada, provides us with a broad and deep perspective for understanding your challenges, analyzing your needs, and identifying your opportunities.

We begin with a visit to your office to conduct an in-depth, no obligation Practice Analysis. We observe quietly, talk to you and your staff individually, and look at every aspect of your practice—patient flow, systems, processes, referral relationships and much more. We prepare a report of our findings and a personalized treatment plan for your success. We discuss the things you do well, pinpoint problem areas and reveal areas of potential. The Practice Analysis is free; you pay only our travel expenses.

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