Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do I have to wait to have a Practice Analysis?

  • Times may vary, but typically an Analyst can be scheduled in your practice in the next three to six weeks.

Can I see patients during the Practice Analysis?

  • Yes.  You can see a regular schedule of patients with a few exceptions:
    • A dinner meeting with you and your significant other on the first evening
    • An extended lunch meeting during the visit ( 1 ½ hours)
    • An uninterrupted time of 3 hours on the final day to report our findings (most doctors prefer to do this on their afternoon off)

If I choose to have consulting services from APC, will the Practice Analyst be my consultant?

  • No.  While your Practice Analyst has extensive training in analyzing practices and identifying needs, APC consultants are rigorously trained to provide the proposed services and are specifically matched to the needs and style of your practice.

How much do the travel expenses for a Practice Analysis typically run?

  • Travel expenses vary depending upon the size and complexity of the practice (groups and complex situations require more days), as well as geographical area.  APC recognizes the importance of being conscientious with travels costs and utilizes mid-level accommodations and services.  In addition, we have an administrative assistant who always looks for good values for clients.  A single doctor practice most often requires a 2 night stay and total expenses, including air fare, lodging, rental car, and food typically run between $750-$1500, depending upon location.

I have an employee going on parental leave.  Should I wait to have the Practice Analysis until the employee returns?

  • That is not usually necessary as the Analyst will be able to gather the needed information from other sources in the office.

I think I need an associate.  Should I wait until the associate is on board to schedule the Practice Analysis?

  • It can be a good idea to schedule the Practice Analysis before committing to hiring an associate to determine if there is enough patient flow and dentistry to keep an additional doctor busy, if you have a schedule management problem, or need to work on practice development to build patient flow before the associate starts.

I don’t want to take my staff out of town to a seminar.  Where are APC consulting services delivered?

  • All APC consulting services are delivered in your office, with your equipment, your staff and with your patients. This allows your APC consultant to focus all of their attention on you and your staff while also providing total customization to your individual situation.  In addition, this approach allows many opportunities for you and your staff to practice what you’ve learned immediately in your own environment.  In addition to saving lots of travel expense dollars, you don’t need to wait until Monday for your staff to start putting the ideas into action.

What kind of follow-up can I expect to have?

  • Unlike most consultants, we provide complimentary ongoing support as part of our continuing commitment to you.  Once you say ‘yes’ to your APC customized plan, you have the full force and commitment of our APC team of professionals at your fingertips to help you achieve the practice of your dreams.

How is a consultant chosen for my practice?

  • Many factors go in to the selection of an APC consultant for your practice: the type of practice (general, specialty, group); the identified needs; the challenges and barriers in your practice; and styles and personalities of doctor and staff are all considered by the Director of Consulting before a consultant is chosen for you.
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