Our History

A passion for patient health with a focus on business excellence.

Michael and Stephanie Peterson

Continuing the Tradition

Michael and Stephanie Peterson bought Accelerated Practice Concepts in January of 2018.  Michael and Stephanie are from Minnesota and have 3 children ranging from 6 years to 17 years.  They love spending their free time outdoors and attending their children’s many activities.  They strive to preserve the integrity, quality, and ideals on which APC was founded.  They love helping others improve their quality of health and seeing the doctor’s passion for dentistry come alive and the care they provide for their patients.  Michael and Stephanie, together, bring to APC 40 years of expertise in the health care, consulting and management fields.





Bob and Marci Proebstle

More than 35 years of success

Bob and Marci founded Accelerated Practice Concepts in 1981, combining the experience they had gained at the world’s first and largest dental consulting firm with their passion for patient health and their own insights on the business and future of dentistry in a changing dental world.

Word of mouth referrals brought clients at first from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, then from the Dakotas, Wisconsin and other parts of the Midwest.  By 1983, the word had spread throughout the US and Canada.  The company expanded purposefully, carefully and slowly to preserve the integrity, quality and ideals on which APC was founded.

We’ve been called the best kept secret in dentistry.  That’s because we never desired to be the biggest or most famous; just to make the biggest difference in the lives of our clients and the patients they serve.

Innovative Thinking; Ongoing Development

This has been the APC story from its inception.  For more than 35 years, our unprecedented, multi-day, comprehensive, free, in your office Practice Analysis has allowed us the time and opportunity to get to know your practice like no one else can.  Intense, persistent questioning of conventional, long held beliefs and exhaustive investigation of problems and their etiology lead to innovations in every field—technology, medicine, science, astronomy.  APC applies this same rigorous scientific method to dental consulting and has consistently been far ahead of its time in taking positions on the challenges of the day.  This innovative thinking led to the first digital letter writing system for specialists (1983) and APC’s unique scheduling algorithm to name just two.  This spirit of constant investigation and questioning is part of APC’s DNA and consequently draws clients to contact us multiple times during their careers to assist them with their current challenges.

Because when challenges meet innovation, opportunities happen.

On a lighter note

APC—All Purpose Cure

Upon deciding to start their own business, Bob and Marci needed a name.  Bob recalled one day in the Marine Corps when he sprained his ankle.  The medic gave him a bucket of water and some pills the medic called APCs, the “all purpose cure”.  Bob borrowed the acronym and from it, Accelerated Practice Concepts was born.

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