We offer interest-free in-house financing, with the majority of the fee due after services are rendered.

Unlike other consulting firms, we don’t expect full payment in advance or use an outside source to finance your consulting. And we don’t “guarantee” your results by just allowing you to return time after time to seminars or webinars that didn’t get you the results in the first place. We’re so confident of the results you will achieve that upon an initial payment to secure your consulting dates, we offer interest-free financing that begins after your consultation, allowing our payments to come from increases in your bottom line. And if you choose to pay before your consultation begins, we’ll give you a prepayment savings.

We deliver the services you need in your office when and where you can benefit the most from them. Whether you are just starting your own practice, planning your financial needs in retirement or somewhere in between, we will work with you to create a payment plan that fits within your budget and cash flow needs. Then we’ll prove ourselves, working with you step by step, to get you the results you want and expect.

Mutual trust and continued commitment; that’s our guarantee.