Why APC Dental

Why we  believe APC is the finest dental consulting firm in North America

Our personalized, in-office assessment and consulting process delivers the best possible results for dentists, patients, staff and practices.

Most dentists never learn how to run a business effectively. Sadly, that can make the day-to-day work of owning a practice so frustrating that the dentist no longer enjoys his or her life’s work.

Some consultants promise to solve the problem with a seminar or two or a one-size-fits-all prescription. APC is different.

Our unique, hands-on assessment and consulting process is delivered with unparalleled personal attention, expertise and integrity. APC provides custom designed systems, processes and training to:

  • Ease stress and long hours,
  • Help young dentists get out of debt faster,
  • Optimize an already successful practice,
  • Turn around a struggling practice and/or,
  • Transform a stressed, unhappy workplace into a thriving practice with a healthy culture and happy team.

By renewing their passion, optimizing profits and reducing their stress, clients tell us that APC helped them fall in love with dentistry all over again.

A Passion for Patient Health

Patients’ health is important to you. It’s just as important to us. It’s the cornerstone of our business. We know, because we have experienced it time and time again, that when patients’ health is optimized, it’s a win for the patient, the practice, the staff and the dentist. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Personal Attention

We’ve been called the best kept secret in dentistry. That’s because we never desired to be the biggest or most famous; just to make the biggest difference in the lives of our clients and the patients they serve. Providing dental care is a personal, individualized experience; we believe consulting dental professionals should be just as personal and individualized. That’s why our Practice Analyst spends three to five days in your office getting to know you, your values, frustrations and desires. Then after listening, observing, interviewing, assessing, analyzing, compiling information and discussing your practice and desires with APC’s founders, our analyst prepares a report of their findings. The findings are then presented to you, along with a proposal for our services, in a very enlightening discussion.

That’s personal attention. And we do all that for just reimbursement of our travel expenses.

Staff Expertise

Our staff is a key part of the APC difference.

  • Employees, not independent contractors: This allows us to involve them in the unprecedented levels of research and development that keep APC on the leading edge of innovative services.
  • Education: Our minimum requirements for analysts and consultants are a bachelor’s degree, multiple years of dental experience and a demonstrated commitment to patient health.
  • Rigorous training: Our consulting staff receives eight to twelve months of intensive training by the Director of Consulting before being assigned to their first client. And that’s just the beginning. As knowledge and experience increase, each consultant is gradually trained in additional specialties and more complex situations.

Uncompromising Integrity

Our ethics demand total objectivity and transparency. We have never paid for a client referral, nor have we ever been paid for an endorsement from a vendor or service. We believe you need to know that our objectivity and recommendations are not up for sale, and never will be.

This objectivity extends to your practice as well. You can be assured we will be totally honest in our assessment of your practice, your opportunities, and in responding to your questions, even when we know you may want to hear something different. We take pride in being sensitive, caring, objective and honest. We believe you deserve that and more.

We begin with an in-depth examination in your office. Just like you. (Except ours is free.)

The APC Practice Analysis will span three to five days on site and encompasses analysis of your financial and statistical data, including production, overhead and profit, interviews with doctors and staff, investigation of all office and marketing systems, assessment of patient behavioral processes, observation of the doctors and staff in action and much more.

1. Diagnosis (Practice Analysis-Investigation)

Our no-obligation Practice Analysis will uncover challenges and opportunities, with little to no disruption to your schedule. This in-depth analysis comes with no obligation and at no cost to you, except for our analyst’s travel expenses.

2. Presentation (Practice Analysis-Report of Findings, Strategy and Proposal)

On the final day of your in office Practice Analysis, our analyst will present you with a comprehensive report of all of our findings, including practice strengths, existing challenges and barriers, opportunities, and a strategy and personalized APC proposal to guide you and your team to more success and the practice – and life – you desire.

3. Treatment (APC Consultation and Training)

Upon accepting your APC treatment plan, we will train you and your team in our proven strategies and systems over the course of several weeks or months, in your office, with your equipment, your staff and with your patients. We will introduce and train your staff in post consultation tracking tools for you, and APC, to review and help keep you on track.

4. Follow-up (Post-Consultation Tracking and Coaching)

Unlike most consultants, we provide complimentary ongoing support as part of our continuing commitment to you. Once you say ‘yes’ to your APC customized plan, you have the full force and commitment of our APC team of professionals at your fingertips to help you achieve the practice of your dreams.


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