Our personalized, in-office assessment and consulting process delivers the best possible results for dentists, patients, staff and practices.

Most dentists never learn how to run a business effectively. Sadly, that can make the day-to-day work of owning a practice so frustrating that the dentist no longer enjoys his or her life’s work.

Some consultants promise to solve the problem with a seminar or two or a one-size-fits-all prescription. APC is different.

Our unique, hands-on assessment and consulting process is delivered with unparalleled personal attention, expertise and integrity. APC provides custom designed systems, processes and training to:

  • Ease stress and long hours,
  • Help young dentists get out of debt faster,
  • Optimize an already successful practice,
  • Turn around a struggling practice and/or,
  • Transform a stressed, unhappy workplace into a thriving practice with a healthy culture and happy team.

By renewing their passion, optimizing profits and reducing their stress, clients tell us that APC helped them fall in love with dentistry all over again.